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This erupting volcano is bound to have children fascinated by science!

The volcano has a cross section – one half shows the inside of the volcano and the other half is labelled to help children learn about a volcano’s different parts.
Comes with an easy-to-make lava recipe and 33cm clear plastic tray and removable tube for quick clean up.
Measures 28cm x 33cm.
Teacher’s Guide included.
Ages: 6 – 10 years

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There’s nothing like an erupting volcanic eruption to get your child fired up about science!

Create your very own erupting volcano with this unique no assembly required model. Includes an easy-to-prepare lava recipe, a 13″ clear plastic tray and a removable tube that allows for quick clean up.

Detailed cross-section shows the inside of the volcano.

Includes a fact-filled Activity Guide, with all the information kids want to know about volcanoes.

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